The ULTIMATE 8 Weeks to reclaim your freedom…Derick Gant

FREEDEMPTION – The act of gaining an opportunity to reclaim personal freedom in exchange for making consistently true lifelong choices. Anyone can talk about Freedemption but only those desperate to get to the TOP can truly experience the rewards.

What if I promised you starting today, that you can live the life you have always dreamed for yourself? Would you be willing to sell out 100%  and make any sacrifice necessary to acquire your dreams?

Freedemption is an accelerated BootCamp where we hold live coaching sessions each week. The intense program is designed for maximum action and personal accountability. We cover massive amounts of ACTIONABLE information that will launch you to the Next Level.

Time is a precious commodity that can not be recaptured. With Freedemption, we equip you to aggressively position your life to make major leaps in the best direction for success.

Talk is cheap and all that matter are RESULTS. To rise up and live the life you deserve, you have to take a leap and accomplish your dreams by any means necessary. I call it the RELENTLESS PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE. Join me an hour a week for 8 weeks and let’s rock out a Transformation like you have never experienced.


Be your Best, Bring your Best, leave nothing to chance.


60 Days to get RIPPED – RICH – READY


Wealth Report

You will walk away with a full detail of your Net Worth and how to build it regularly. The average person believes a Budget is a waste of time but have you ever seen a wealthy person that doesn’t know the location of every dollar? Part of financial success is knowing where your money goes. As such, a Spending Plan is a must have. There are only two primary ways to effectively increase your cash position (CASH is KING).

1) Eliminate Debt

2) Increase Income

These are aggressively attacked in BootCamp. Other necessary techniques are Money Mapping & a Passive Income Plan.  

Physical Reboot

Bob was talking about how he has no energy and hence just doesn’t “FEEL” like he can produce at a top level. Part of the  problem is that Bob doesn’t have the physicality that was a daily normal in the past. A full review and diagnostic of  your health | nutrition | exercise plan will be covered and addressed for maximum results.  You will meet with a nutritionist, a personal trainer, and an energy expert. (Non-negotiable)

Personal & Business Branding

You must have a Style, a look, or presentation, that is exclusively you. When you step into your power you control how others see and react to you.  If you look like crap, people will treat you like crap. In eight weeks, you will clearly know your brand and how to live and own it 100%. Your Style Coach will walk you through top to bottom and sideways.

Mindset Management

Mind and Time are the most valuable assets you possess. Mastering self is truly the ultimate measure of success. In order to really be free, you have to be the master of your domain. Organizing your life and maintaining control is a crucial element of completely REBOOTING your life.  We will team you up with a specialist that guides and pushes you toward your unlimited potential.


Walk away claiming your Power and Position.