Life is what has been given to us. As such, we have to take it and learn to make it work. Most life coaches walk clients thru the process of recognizing areas in their life that need to be improved. Upon this discovery, they systematically begin to discuss and implement strategies to achieve better results. The key success principle is consistency and accountability. Lifestyle is what we choose. What a major distinction. Have you ever greeted anyone and asked how they are doing and the reply is LIVING? Doesn’t sound like a plan most want to subscribe. Lifestyle coaching is the process of narrowing your focus to a few specific key areas that will give you a life besetting your values, goals, and dreams. Lifestyle coaching focuses on measurable goals that complete a holistic representation of you.


 *Mind             *Money          *Body          *Brand Membership in covers each of these. In order to live a full life, not one of these can be left unattended. Imagine if you had three of the four? Honestly, you would be living much less than you deserve. Operating with a solid mind, plenty of money, a brand that stands strong, but your body is unhealthy and weak. This would be uh, well, let’s say BS. You just ruined a perfect picture. Self mastery in all of these areas at once is hard. Imagine how hard it would truly be if you had to continue to figure it out by trial and error. How many times have you flourished in one or more of these areas only to let another area fall to unacceptable levels? Lifestyle coaching helps you successfully balance and grow each area simultaneously. There are times that an outside expert can recognize ways to help you go deeper inside and pull out the desired results. This consistently happens in our programs. Remember that one special coach or mentor that supported and educated you? They brought out the best in you. They shaped your view and motivated you towards your dreams. Often, these people show up by chance, and have no clue how much they truly impacted your life. As explained earlier, that is life. Lifestyle is about choosing the right expert coach and relying on their success to help you become the extraordinary person. When you reach out to Derick Gant, we will be that source you tap into for greatness. We are skilled at unlocking your potential by equipping you with the essential tools for your transformation. Together, we will tailor make a plan for you to get more meaning, happiness, and confidence out of life. Everyone’s desires and definition of happiness are different, however we are committed to your results. In reality, nothing else matters except that you accomplish what you set out to achieve. We are excited to help build exceptional lives for exceptional people. If you are finally ready for self mastery, we are ready to walk with you to the promise land. With focus, consistency, and coaching you can live your dreams!

Be your best, bring your best, and leave nothing to chance!